The Home Authority is a Green Build Certified home remodeling company in Fargo, ND.

The Home Authority, Inc. Is A Certified Green Home Builder And Remodeler

The Home Authority, Inc.’s Green Build Branch provides you and your family the opportunity to create environmentally friendly, energy conscious, low-toxicity homes through partners and products that create greener spaces. Pick and Choose the pieces that make sense for your unique home, or build a package that includes an entire green overhaul. Learn more about how choosing things like low off-gas flooring, energy audits, and GreenGuard compliant insulation can significantly impact the health of your home for both the people inside it and the environment it’s built in.

What is a Certified Green Professional?

The Home Authority is a Certified Green Professional in Fargo, ND by the National Association of Home Builders.A Certified Green Professional knows how to combine cost-effective building science with an ever-expanding selection of products and materials to build or remodel a home with sustainability in mind. They are trained to incorporate energy, water and resource efficiency, improved indoor environmental quality and sustainable and locally sourced products into their projects — and to teach you how to best take advantage of these features.

Why Build or Remodel Green?

  • Better overall health for you and your family
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Address issues stemming from allergies and asthma 
  • Feel confident in the quality of your home
  • Having a green home will be a major selling point should you need to consider resale
  • With increased awareness around toxins/pollution outside your house, make your home a safe haven
A happy home in Fargo, ND makes a happy family

Did you know that EPA studies indicate that the levels of many air pollutants may be two to five times higher in indoor air than outdoor air?

We partner with our incredible team members to offer options that provide peace of mind and create indoor environments that are safe and healthy to reside in. From GreenGuard certifications to low off-gas alternatives – we can confidently say these materials will lessen the levels of indoor air pollution.

Are you frustrated by the amount of waste generated by the standard home remodel or new build project?

So are we! That’s one of the many reasons why we completed our Certified Green Professional coursework – to learn more about lessening our waste production on the jobsite and utilizing building and remodeling methods that are better for the environment.

Green Build certified homes in Fargo, ND

Our sister companies are just as committed to these Green Initiatives as we are.

The Coatings Authority

The Coatings Authority team offers paint and stain blends that are low-VOC and do notoff-gas as much as traditional paint and stain options.

Cabinet Authority

The Cabinet Authority lines use real hardwood door and drawer fronts Vs. composite wood that off-gasses Formaldehyde.

What are some of the components of your home remodel or new home build that can benefit from our Certified Green Professional designation?


Green Cerified Residential Windows in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Flooring in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Residential Tile in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Insulation in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Residential Solar in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Paint in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Applicances in Fargo, ND.

Reclaimed Wood

Green Cerified Reclaimed Wood in Fargo, ND.


Green Cerified Cabinets in Fargo, ND.

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