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Rachael Boyer from The Home Authority in Moorhead, MN.

 by Rachael Boyer

Remodeling your house before the holidays in Fargo, ND.

We have spent a lot of time discussing remodels in relation to increasing your home’s value over the past month. And bettering your financial situation thanks to a higher home value is certainly a benefit, and important to consider when making changes to everything from your kitchen to the basement. We will be releasing our final P.R.O.F.I.T. series installment soon, showing you what a well executed renovation can do with real numbers for reference. However, we don’t want to forget the most important reason to remodel your home – and that is you and your family’s happiness.

Creating spaces that reflect your personality, and speak to your family both in form and function, is as good a reason as any to take on a remodel project. Particularly in our area of the country, winter is a season of coziness indoors, spending time with one another within the home, and enjoying those surroundings. When those spaces don’t bring you joy, or are dated or the wrong color or simply not what you would call home, then it is time to make a change! Our role as a remodeling company is, at its roots, a simple one: to make you feel at home. Whatever that looks like to you and your family, we will bring that vision to life. Don’t let another season pass with wishes for changes to your house, let us work with you to create spaces that accommodate your budget, speak to your design preferences, and ultimately feel like home.

Follow along with the process, manage the selections you’ve made for your project, and easily communicate with your project manager from day one to day done.

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