Our Process

Pre-Project Process

Kitchen cabinets renovation in Moorhead, MN.

1. Contact Us

Give us a call, send an email, or fill out our convenient remodel form on the website. Whichever method you choose…we cannot wait to hear from you!

2. Free Consult

We will come to you, take a tour of your space, and have you show us in-person what you envision for your remodel. We can answer any questions you may have, and get a grasp of the scope of the project.

Kitchen complete remodel in Fargo, ND.
Beautiful staircase in Fargo, ND.

3. On-Site Estimate

Our team comes together at your project to work through a checklist of the tasks necessary to complete your remodel. Each trade is represented, and after this walk through, we gather specific estimates from each team member to compile an accurate proposal to share with you.

4. Curate The Proposal

Thanks to the estimate walk through, we share as precise a proposal as possible for you to review. By no means is this an end-all, be-all list – we will work with you to adjust any selections or prices, until we customize a proposal that works for you and your family.

Dining room remodel in Fargo, ND.
Living space renovation in Moorhead, MN.

5. Sign Project

The final step before the transformation begins! Once we have an agreed-upon proposal, we sign the contract and move forward to the exciting first steps of your remodel!

Project Process

Dining room remodel in Moorhead, MN.
1. Project Timeline

We develop a detailed calendar, including the specific dates and length of time each team member will be on site, along with when each aspect of the project is being worked on. You can follow along with the entire project, and also have a snapshot from the beginning of what to expect from day one to day done.

2. Selections

You bring all of your ideas to the table, and we help sort through the inspiration to bring practical implementations that both speak to your vision and fit your budget. We also provide guidance in increasing the value of your home while simultaneously providing the dreams you have for the space – allowing you to walk away from your remodel with both aesthetic and financial value.

Best home remodeling contractor in Moorhead, MN.
Home remodel in Moorhead, MN.
3. Complete Project

We pride ourselves on sticking to an efficient schedule, keeping a clean and organized workspace, and creating as minimal distraction to your day-to-day life as possible. By providing you a detailed schedule, you are able to plan around things like not having access to your kitchen, or having to share one bathroom, and act accordingly. Our communication with you throughout the project is second-to-none, with updates given consistently, and reliable availability to answer any questions.

4. Final Walk Through

After the projects are completed and the cleaning team has wrapped up their job, we do a walkthrough with you to ensure everything has turned out exactly the way you envisioned. We finalize any touch ups, putting the last pieces together to provide the transformation you have anticipated.

Custom kitchen cabinets from Moorhead, MN.
House remodel in Moorhead, MN.
5. You Move Back In!

And now you make the space yours again! Move in all of your furniture, decor, and photos – truly making your remodel feel like home. Enjoy the fruition of all of the planning, saving, and work – and fall in love with your house all over again!





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