When you work with The Home Authority, you have found your one point of contact. There is no estimate seeking for every piece of your home remodeling puzzle, no guesswork involved in who to contact for what question, and absolutely no doubt in trusting you have someone working with and for you to create your dream space. We handle the Project Management and the Design Coordination, curating a professional team to execute your home renovation in a way that allows you to enjoy both the process and the end result.


We have 22 years of design experience, giving us a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bringing your dated kitchen, bath, or living space back to life. We will guide you through the project from start to finish, and will make the decision-making process the way it should be…fun and exciting! A cosmetic remodel does not involve structural changes, instead it encompasses things like updated cabinetry, new wall colors, flooring changes, backsplash and countertop changes, etc. While putting these pieces together may seem overwhelming, our expertise will guide you through stress-free.


When that wall boxing in your kitchen simply has to go, or if you long for that open-concept feel, The Home Authority has you covered. We will assist in redesigning the entire flow of your spaces, to create the look and function that suits you and your family best. By working with a trusted team of professionals, we can tackle these larger structural projects without sacrificing ease of coordination. We still provide the single point of contact that alleviates any scheduling headaches for you, and allows the process to move smoothly.


We have a standard practice for both the Pre-Project and Project phases of every home remodel we are a part of – whether it involves a small kitchen remodel or a grander plan for renovating your home. One of our fundamental goals is providing stability and clarity for the families who are having their homes turned upside down in order to achieve their dream spaces. We believe that a remodeling project can stick to a timeline, can actually be enjoyable, and provide pleasant memories vs. horror stories. Follow the link below to take a closer look at what a Home Authority remodel is all about!


The Home Authority offers general contractor services that are the best in the business. From helping you plan and design, to making sure your project stays on budget and schedule, we’ve got you covered every step of the way! If you are looking to tackle remodel projects in your home – have it done right the first time and choose a professional that thinks of you and your family first.


Our approach to Home Remodeling is unique in that we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that a home should be a reflection of the people that live in it, and therefore every remodel we do is an expression of each family. That being said, we also want to help insure you are making a smart investment in your home. We help you take your ideas and vision for the space and create an end result that makes the dreams for your home a reality, while also increasing the overall value of your home.


The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Whether you are an avid chef or love to host gatherings – the kitchen is consistently the place that everyone seems to gravitate to. It can take work to make this fundamental room functional and aesthetically pleasing – and we love being a part of making kitchens throughout our community the best they can be. No matter what you see for your home’s kitchen, trust us to make it a reality. We want you to love everything about the process – from making selections to following along with the progress to the final reveal.


The Home Authority’s sister-companies, The Coatings Authority, Cabinet Authority, Inc., Studio A, and Home Authority Services bring over 2 decades of expertise to our remodeling process. Together, they are THE source for quality cabinet refinishing, interior and exterior painting, concrete coatings, interior design, furnishings, and home maintenance.


The Home Authority, Inc.’s Green Build Branch provides you and your family the opportunity to create environmentally friendly, energy conscious, low-toxicity homes through partners and products that create greener spaces. Pick and Choose the pieces that make sense for your unique home, or build a package that includes an entire green overhaul. Learn more about how choosing things like low off-gas flooring, energy audits, and GreenGuard compliant insulation can significantly impact the health of your home for both the people inside it and the environment it’s built in.


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We are proud to share this collection of featured projects with you, encompassing a variety of remodels from Kitchens to Bathrooms to Whole Home renovations.