We Are Your Home’s One-Stop-Shop
With Unparalleled General Contracting Services

Putting the pieces of your home’s remodel together can feel like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle. With so many details that go into every project, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Trying to make the pieces fit on your own is incredibly challenging, as it can be impossible to know which companies to hire, what design elements work together, and how to balance the budget through it all. Add yours and your family’s day-to-day life into the mix and you have what can quickly turn into a giant mess!

Thankfully you do not need to spend time researching the best tradesmen for your project. You do not have to worry about sticking to a remodel schedule that allows you and your family to get back into your home as soon as possible. And you don’t have to feel the pressure of making the best design decisions for both your family’s desired aesthetic and your home’s value. The Home Authority, Inc. acts as your project’s general contractor – creating an all-in-one service that takes the stress out of your remodel and allows you to actually enjoy the entire process!

Guiding You Through Every Step Of The Remodeling Process

We will guide you through your remodel from day one to day done. Because we are your project’s general contractor, we have a hand in absolutely every aspect of the process. This means that when you have questions about anything related to your home’s remodel, you come to a single point of contact. Want to change the grout color for your backsplash? Contact us. Looking for insight on what wall color to use in your mudroom? Contact us. Need to adjust your budget? Contact us. We are here to provide peace of mind – and can easily provide answers to your questions because we facilitate every piece of your remodel.

We have been operating for over two decades, and as a result we have gathered a team of professionals that are truly the best in the business. We work with people that put quality above all else – ensuring that everything from the custom tile work to the cabinet coatings are done right the first time. Our goal in crafting your home’s transformation is not only to have it look great right when we wrap up – we want your new spaces to continue to look and function at their best for years to come.

So What Does Working With The Home Authority, Inc. Look Like?

  1. First: Contact us via our website form, phone, or e-mail
  2. Second: Schedule your FREE on-site design consultation
  3. Third: Set up your FREE on-site estimate with our entire team
  4. Fourth: We work with you on that estimate to create a realistic plan that includes the transformation you envision AND sticks to your budget
  5. Fifth: Sign the final contract
  6. Sixth: We develop a detailed calendar that lets you know when each step will take place and who will be on-site for each of those steps
  7. Seventh: You bring us all of your ideas and we work with you to make all of the selections from paint colors to flooring to countertops.
  8. Eighth: We stick to the schedule and work through every aspect of your remodel until the project is complete!
  9. Ninth: Our cleaning team wraps up and we do a final walkthrough with you and your family.
  10. Tenth: You move back in to your newly transformed space!

Choosing The Right Contractor Gets The Best Results

Each step of our process is designed to allow you to love the process as well as the end result. We take special care to accommodate your family throughout the project and keep you in the loop the entire time. Because we are the general contractor, we are able to provide you with every detail along the way and answer any questions that come up. Change orders are a breeze to handle, because you only need to communicate with us to make it happen. Our prioritizing of open communication lets you see things progress in real time – thanks in large part to the software program we use that contains your project’s schedule, photos, an update journal, and much more.

If you are looking to tackle remodel projects in your home – have it done right the first time and choose a professional that thinks of you and your family first. When you work with The Home Authority, Inc. as your general contractor, you are taking the stress out of your remodel and can enjoy every step. Contact us today to see how our unique approach to remodeling can make the vision you have for your home a reality!