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The Kitchen Is Truly The Heart Of The Home

Whether you are an avid chef or love to host gatherings – the kitchen is consistently the place that everyone seems to gravitate to. It can take work to make this fundamental room functional and aesthetically pleasing – and we love being a part of making kitchens throughout our community the best they can be. 

One of the biggest design changes we see people requesting is pulling their kitchen out of the Oak Ages by refinishing cabinets – or replacing them when need be. Regardless of how the Oak Overload is rectified, all of our custom coatings are completed by our sister company, The Coatings Authority Inc. Their proprietary coatings process – AUTHORICOAT – insures thorough surface preparation, custom paint blends that properly adhere to the cabinet, and a finish that never shows a single brush mark or streak. We are incredibly proud to have The Coatings Authority team working with us on every kitchen remodel project, as the cabinets are of course a key piece of a successful kitchen remodel. With a focus on quality in everything we do, providing the families we work with cabinetry that isn’t going to knick or chip – and will truly stand up to day-to-day use – is incredibly important to us. 

Customized Options For Your Family's Unique Needs

What about changes that fall outside the cosmetic realm? Are you wishing your appliances were laid out differently? Is your kitchen island too small, or is the countertop peninsula blocking in the space? We can handle any and all layout changes to your kitchen – making the flow more conducive to how your family uses the room. If your family likes to use the island as a multi-functional area, let’s design a custom footprint that allows space for simultaneous meal prep and homework study. If you are needing a bigger fridge and freezer but don’t currently have the space, let’s move things around to accommodate the larger appliance. We have opened up kitchens, created custom cabinet pantries, successfully utilized open shelving, and so much more. Our goal is to take whatever you have in your head and design a space that brings your vision to life. We will work with you to make selections that make sense for your family…taking into account every last detail to make life easier. Strategically placed charging stations for everyone’s devices, improved lighting options to make working in the kitchen comfortable day or night, and smart appliances that allow you to keep digital notes right on the refrigerator door are all examples of ways we can optimize your kitchen for your family’s unique needs. 

Kitchen remodeling in Fargo, ND.

Why The Home Authority Is THE Choice For Your Kitchen Remodel

Our belief in doing more than simply checking off items on a remodel wishlist extends into helping educate our clients about the ways in which their home improvements can increase the value of their home. We have perfected the balance of providing what is necessary to create your dream kitchen while also making sure to include the pieces that make the most of your investment. By working with real estate and banking professionals throughout Fargo/Moorhead, we are able to keep up with various financing options, know and understand current rates, and also stay in tune with what people in the housing market are looking for. We can then guide our clients through the remodel process and allow them to accomplish two goals: crafting their dream kitchen and bettering their investment in their home. 

No matter what you see for your home’s kitchen, trust us to make it a reality. We want you to love everything about the process – from making selections to following along with the progress to the final reveal. Contact us today for your free design consultation and estimation – and take the first steps towards bringing your ideal kitchen to life!

After picture from a kitchen renovation in Fargo, ND.




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