What does Family-Centric Mean?

Rachael Boyer from The Home Authority in Moorhead, MN.

 by Rachael Boyer

What does family-centric mean in Fargo, ND?

The Home Authority is a family business, and we are big believers in keeping family at the center of everything we do. But what does this mean, exactly? For us personally, we have kept our own family at the heart of our company – right down to the logo. You may have noticed the three home ‘peaks’ in our logo, and this has a deeper purpose than design aesthetic. They represent the three members of our family – Rachael, Jeff, and Caleb. By keeping family in focus, we are able to relate and connect with each family we work with in our remodeling projects, and understand the importance of including and considering everyone involved in a home’s changes.

Creating a beautiful space is of course a fundamental goal in a remodel project. Taking something dated or simply not your taste and transforming it into something that looks incredible is a huge piece of what we do. But what can easily be overlooked or forgotten is the actual function of the room. The fact that it needs to be livable as well as stunning. This is where the whole family comes in. A great example can be found in the kitchen. White cabinetry looks fantastic, and can brighten up an entire space. However, if a family consists of many kids running in and out of the kitchen, dirty from playing outside and lugging everything from sports equipment bags to craft project supplies through the room, white isn’t always the best choice. This is where The Home Authority’s two decades worth of design experience comes in, as we can provide alternatives and suggestions to meet both the function and aesthetic you need. In this scenario, perhaps white upper cabinets and a coordinating gray for the lower cabinets would be the perfect fit. Whatever your needs, no matter the vision, we will work with you and your family to develop remodeling solutions that fit for everyone!


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