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Rachael Boyer from The Home Authority in Moorhead, MN.

 by Rachael Boyer

Tips for choosing a remodeling company in Fargo, ND.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going through an existential crisis 🙂 But we did want to expand upon our reasons for starting The Home Authority, and what led us to create this distinct company. Rachael, our President and CEO, spent decades working with customers in their homes through The Coatings Authority. Our sister company specializes in cabinet refinishing, painting, and concrete coatings. Rachael’s role there naturally evolved from helping customers within these realms, to assisting with larger scale transformations. What often happened when a customer decided to change their kitchen cabinetry, they realized that a new countertop or backsplash or flooring choice was necessary to really bring their dream vision to life. It made logistical sense to define this role, that went above and beyond coatings applications, and create a business to house it under.

But the decision was about more than just making sense. It stemmed from Rachael’s passion for working with people to develop spaces that they truly loved, that were fully a reflection of them and their families. And this partnership within the remodeling industry – this belief that holding a customer’s hand through the process so they can actually enjoy the entire start to finish of their project – was something that did not fully exist. This is where The Home Authority shines. Not only are we able to work within your budget, provide you the best possible options, introduce you to a top notch team to get everything remodeled correctly, and create an end result you can be proud of, but we give you the opportunity to be a part of it all. To understand exactly what we are doing, to ask us any and all questions along the way, and to feel like you truly have someone working with you to take that dream for your home and make it your reality….that is what The Home Authority provides. And we are simply thrilled to be here!


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