Creating The Autumnal Holiday Table

By: Rachael Boyer

Sep 6, 2021

When we started building out our Authority Companies, we did so with one overarching goal in mind: To bring families together. As The Home Authority, Inc., we strive to create spaces, either in your existing home or by building a brand new one, that allow you and your family to come together comfortably and in a way that makes sense for your unique situation.

As the holiday season approaches, these gathering places are more important than ever. Whether the kitchen is the heart of your home, or the formal dining room is of utmost importance, or the basement is your favorite hangout space – we want to help you feel ready and prepared to host as many people as you’d like to for whatever holidays you’ll be celebrating.

Thanks to our sister company, Studio A, we have a plethora of phenomenal options for home design and decor. With their Private Collection providing beautiful, unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else in our region – you can curate show stopping setups in your spaces that feel absolutely unique to you, that you can’t wait to show off to your family and friends this holiday season.

Our showroom, located at 2821 HWY 10 E in Moorhead, MN, features a stunning autumnal tablescape. We wanted to break down what makes this display so successful in this month’s blog to help you as you prep and plan for your own gatherings and decorating this season.

A gorgeous dining table can truly be an heirloom piece for your family – and now is the perfect time to invest in something that can be passed down for generations. A custom fabricated table makes this handing down from family to family all the more precious, because you can design it specifically for your family’s needs and aesthetic. This beautiful table was crafted with a local wood slab that features an organic edge and a rich, welcoming stain color. The custom metal legs and base provide a modern flair, while still complimenting the sturdy, raw element of the tabletop.

Seating is key for any gathering, and making sure everyone is cozy and comfortable for a meal from appetizer to dessert is crucial. Spending hours visiting, laughing, and celebrating around the table is where memories are made – and you need chairs that make everyone want to stay put happily. You’ll also want those chairs to complement the design aesthetic of both your table and the room as a whole – making this furniture choice a crucial one to successfully bringing the entire room together.

What about what’s at your feet? A great rug can truly make or break a dining area – and luckily, Studio A offers customizable rugs both in design and size. You want a rug to compliment the colors and additional design elements in the space while also being the right size for your table. And when you are dealing with a handcrafted table, a standard handful of rug sizes just won’t do. We love how this rug leaves plenty of space for pulling chairs out from under the table, and defines the dining space as a whole.

Now onto the fun elements - the decor. Choosing the right dishes, serving ware, cups, and design elements can be incredibly challenging. What cup works best for what beverage? How many plates and bowls should be featured at each place setting? How many serving pieces are too many to have out and featured in the center of the table? What decor elements speak to the theme without overwhelming the space? These are the questions that our Studio A design team has the answers for.

The place settings for this autumnal display provide a fantastic balance of functional and fun. Your guests won’t be overwhelmed by design elements, and instead can delight in the multiple touches that make this table a festive place to sit and have a meal. From foliage to seasonal produce to textures that speak to the coziness of the season - every element of this tablescape was thoughtfully placed to create an environment that captures the overall aesthetic.

Note the carrying-over of decor from the table to the service area, creating cohesion on every surface in the dining space and allowing for a flow from one side of the room to the other. The decor does not need to be limited to just the dining table, and utilizing the same decor elements leading to the dining table allows your guests to feel as though they are immersed in the seasonal spirit.

Let your home be the gathering place you and your family deserve. Feel confident in having people over to celebrate the season and its holidays through curated spaces that speak to you and your home. Every one of our Authority Companies is here to provide whatever you need to make your home the place you’ve always wanted it to be - and the ideal space for your family and friends to come together no matter the season.

We hope this blog has helped in inspiring your seasonal decor and are here at our showroom from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday (and by appointment) to walk you through a multitude of options in person. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to start your remodel, new build, custom cabinet, custom coating, or home furnishing and design journey here.